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The Brown Family


The Browns are my mother's father's side of the family. 



This is my mother - Audrey Brown

Born 25th March "some time ago now!"

This is her father - my Grandfather - Cecil Walter Brown

Born 5th May 1900 at Primrose Bank, Hale, Westmorland

Died 23rd January 1978

Married Doris Kirkbride on 18th August 1930

at The Parish Church, Heversham, Westmorland



They had two daughters - Audrey and Joan

Audrey Brown


Joan Brown

Born 6th December 1943

Died 25th November 1968

Joan on her 21st Birthday



Joan, Cecil and Doris Brown


Cecil's father was

Edward Thomas Brown

born 29th March 1862 in Preston Patrick


died 6th April 1934

at "Daniel Croft", Hale


His mother was

Eleanor Sarginson Brown

(maiden name was Brown)

born 25th December 1869

Old Hutton


died 28th December 1961

at "Daniel Croft", Hale


There were four children:

Dinah Rose, Cecil Walter, John and Kenneth

l-r Cecil Walter Brown, Eleanor Sarginson Brown, John Brown,

Dinah Rose Brown, Edward Thomas Brown

photo taken c1910



Dinah Rose Brown


Dinah Rose Brown

Born 1st October 1893

Died 15th July 1965


Married John Thomas Atkinson

2nd April 1923 at Beetham




John Edward Atkinson

Alice Atkinson


Cecil Walter Brown


Cecil Walter Brown

Born 5th May 1900

Died 23rd January 1978


See above for more details



John Brown


John Brown

Born about 1903

Died - Date unknown


Married Margaret C. Gray

Date unknown




David Brown

Margaret Brown



Kenneth Brown


Kenneth Brown

Born 28th Septemeber 1911

Died 7th August 1956



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