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The Kirkbride Family


The Kirkbrides are my mother's mother's side of the family. I haven't gone as far back with them as I have with the Dowdings but what I lack chronologically is more than made up for in quantity




This is my mother - Audrey Brown

Born 25th March "some time ago now!"

This is her mother - my Grandmother - Doris Kirkbride

Born 22nd May 1905 at Lindeth, Undermillbeck, Westmorland

Died 22nd February 1988

Doris worked in service in her early years like many young girls of her time.  

Married Cecil Walter Brown on 18th August 1930

at The Parish Church, Heversham, Westmorland



St Peter's Church




For more information about Heversham click HERE

Doris' father was

Miles William Kirkbride

born 1877 in Bowness, Windermere

died 22nd February 1947

Miles was a stonemason by trade

Her mother was

Margaret Anne Webb

born 1879 in Applethwaite, Westmorland

died 1st January 1956

Both sets of photographs are somewhere in the order of fifty years apart

The wedding of Margaret Ann Webb and Miles William Kirkbride


This was a large family. There were ten children in all:

Albert Kirkbride

Born 1903

Lindeth, Undermillbeck

Died - Date unknown

Married Florence

Children - Kenneth

Gladys Kirkbride

Born 22nd May 1904

Lindeth, Undermillbeck

Died 4th May 1975

Married Fred Swinnerton

12th March 1942

Children - Raymond





Doris Kirkbride

Born 22nd May 1905

Died 22nd Feb 1988

Married Cecil Brown

18th August 1930

Children - Audrey & Joan

Arthur Kirkbride

Born 7th Jan 1907 

Lindeth, Undermillbeck

Died - Date unknown

Married Mary Mahoney

2nd October 1937

Children - Jaqueline



Nellie Kirkbride

Born abt. 1908

Died - Date unknown

Married Mr Twiby

Children - Paul, Patricia & Elizabeth

Gertie Kirkbride

Born - Date unknown

Lindeth, Undermillbeck

Died - Date unknown

Married Joe Cahill

Children - Ronald



Margaret Kirkbride

Born - Date unknown

Died - Date unknown

Married Bernard Murphy

Children - ?

Mollie Kirkbride

Born 24th February 1914

Died - Date unknown

Married James Tomlinson

Children - Sheila, Judith & Bruce



Freda Kirkbride

Born 1915

Died - Date unknown

Married Bob Thexton

Children - Roy

Maurice Kirkbride

Born 22nd Dec 1919

Died 23rd Sept 2003

Married Joyce Guilderthorpe

1st September 1928

Children - Gillian (to first wife Kathleen)  

The 1881 British Census gives the following information for the Kirkbride family:

Elim Grove, Undermilbeck, Westmorland

Name Rel. Occupation Marriage Age Sex Birthplace
Miles Grisdale Kirkbride Head Fisherman Married 26 M



Jane Kirkbride Wife   Married 31 F



Miles William Kirkbride Son     4 M



Mary A Kirkbride Daughter     2 F



David E Kirkbride Son     5 months M



William Kirkbride Father Fisherman Widowed 61 M



William Jenkinson Brother-in-law Mason Unmarried 26 M



John Martin Boarder Mason Unmarried 20 M





My Gt. Gt. Grandfather, Miles Grisdale Kirkbride and his marriage to Jane

These photographs and the photograph of the wedding of Miles William were sent to me

by my second cousin Stephen Kirkbride who is Albert Kirkbride's grandson.




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